Tim McCleskey Jr. has worked in the financial industry for 22 years, helping families to understand their behavior with money and how to make it better serve them. He is author of the book, “The Volcanic Eruption of Debt,” and he regularly conducts seminars and workshops on how to effectively plan for retirement, often teaching his “Four Legs of Balance System.”

Over the course of his career, Tim has instructed his clients on the ways in which they can eliminate debt and begin saving for retirement. He has also worked with employees of federal agencies, such as the IRS, FBI, Social Security Administration, Bureau of Prisons, and others.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to have a comprehensive financial plan,” says Tim. “Having a plan breeds consistency and fosters discipline that otherwise wouldn’t exist.”

Tim started the FedUpGroup.com to help people more clearly see how the money they currently have is being managed and to encourage them to begin managing their resources toward the goal of financial comfort in retirement.

In his free time, Tim loves spending time with his family and working on projects that give back to his church and community.


I’m amazed at where my life is now from where I’ve been. Even though you see the warm inviting smile I always remember where I’ve come from so I can truly appreciate where I am now. It was just about four years ago when I decided to start the FedUp group. For the past 13 years, I have worked with federal, military, and civilian employees on how to effectively plan and prepare for retirement. What I found is that many of these clients I had couldn’t afford to retire due to their behavior in spending. Mind you, most of my clients would have a pension, social security, and a 401K for income at retirement. Yet there was still a challenge for many of them to meet their financial obligations.


I believe the opportunity to create the Fedup Group came for me at a time when I least expected it. I happened to be the host coordinator at my church for the Financial Peace Course by Dave Ramsey back in 2016. Along with hosting the course during Wednesday night bible study time, I found myself trying to incorporate the principles in my daily work with my clients. What I found is that I just didn’t have the time to truly go over everything as it pertained to their retirement and also help them with debt. So, I created a system called the Four Legs of Balance. The great thing about it was I had time to perfect the system while working with my clients day in and day out. Finally, my ah-ha moment came.


I was fortunate to attend a town hall meeting that Dave Ramsey was hosting at his offices in Brentwood, TN where I had the opportunity to meet Chris Hogan who worked with the Ramsey Team at the time. I explained the challenge I had in trying to help my clients plan for retirement but found myself trying to explain the Financial Peace system because they had debt. The response I got from Chris was not what I expected, yet I am happy to say I’m glad I was there to ask what to do. In his deep baritone voice, he said, “You need to write a book.” That was it. That’s all he said. In my sheepish voice, I replied, “OK.” That’s how the FedUp group got started and that’s where The Volcanic Eruption of Debt book was conceived.

Now I spend time using the system, The Four Legs of Balance, educating people on how they presently behave with money by giving them practical educational tools that allow them to see where their money is going and the process that they are able to use so they can eliminate it fast!


Thankfully I have a very supportive family that allows me to grow in my gift. Believe it or not, my wife is not the spender in our family, nor is my son (unless he wants V-bucks or some kind of bucks for gaming). I’m the spender! And I am proud to say that I’ve used my own system to erupt debt for myself and my wife. I want you to have this same experience and sense of peace that we have when debt no longer consumes your life. This happened all because we decided to not allow debt to control our financial destiny. Are you ready to get FedUp yet?


This session is designed to determine how long it will take you to eliminate your debt the FedUp way. We will spend a few moments learning how you behave with money by having you complete a short exercise. From this information, we will together determine what is necessary for you to erupt your debt in 20% of the time, with your own money!

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