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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in debt....what's next for me?

First things first……relax. The system in place is designed to help you see that you can accomplish your goal to become debt-free. Oh, and you won’t have to eat beans and rice to do it! We will show you that the resources you need to eliminate your debt in 20% of the time, you already poses.

How can I get out of this slump?

Answer: Stay the course. The greatest challenge one has in erupting their debt is they stop the process. The system works! So, work the system! Life will happen but when it does, don’t allow it to take you off track. Stay focused and you will get there faster than you could have ever imagined.

What is the best financial advice you offer?

Whatever you choose to believe about yourself when it comes to money, you are right. Once you apply the principles from the Four Legs of Balance and see how quickly you are able to eliminate all of your debt, it’s then up to you to believe it can be done… you! And it can! Once you eliminate that first debt faster than you would have had you not used the system, you will clearly be able to see what you can accomplish. 

Is there a reason this won't work for me?

Yes. If you half work the system or add your own idea of how to pay off debt, the probability is the process won’t work as it should. There are examples in The Workbook that address this notion. Remember, the Four Legs of Balance system has been tested on thousands of people over a 7 year period. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the program and before you know it you will have erupted all your debt in less time than you could have ever imagined.