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Meet Timothy McCleskey, Jr.

Author Timothy McCleskey, Jr. has worked in the financial services industry for over 18 years. Tim’s approach to eliminating debt, is done by helping people to become aware of how they behave with money through interactive instruction. Tim works as a consultant, conducting Benefit and Retirement seminars for Federal agencies such as the IRS, Bureau of Prisons, Social Security Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigations and others

He presently serves as a member of the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) and The Association for the Improvement of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service (AIM-IRS).

With an associate and bachelor’s degree in psychology, Tim remains steadfast in working with individual clients by helping them to understand their behaviors with money and how their conduct with personal assets determines their financial future.

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The Erupt Your Debt Program is a month to month based initiative where together we will work to develop a system of accountability for you and your money. For the first few months we will communicate either by phone, text or email to establish your Four Legs of Balance. This will include exercises to formulate a complete breakdown of your spending habits and overall attitude with money. From this, you will be shown how to eliminate your debt in 20% of the time, with money you already have…

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I would like to take a moment to thank you, for your presentation on retirement and the Thrift Saving plan at our conference in Dallas, TX!

Stephanie Mims

We can't thank Tim enough for his awesome professionalism and compassionate consultation in creating our debt elimination plan!

David and Darlynda Bogle

I have known Tim for over 10 years. He has excellent leadership skills and is a great educator. He is one of the most professional and talented men that I have met in the insurance business.

Shelia Tyson

Tim provides a balance of ideas and information that will help anyone during their financial journey regardless of their current situation. Paying off bills, saving, retirement or any other financial goal, contact Tim and he will meet your needs.

Evan Chatman

Tim and I have worked together, on various projects, for many years. By far one of the greatest individuals I know. Honest, humble, and innovative! Always look forward to his presence and candor.

King McCray

If you want to come face-to-face with your financial inadequacies, yet develop a plan to get on track, talk to Timothy McCleskey, Jr. Tim knows the value of money and shows you how to keep more of your money in your own pocket.

Reva Buckley

Timothy is the definition of a go-giver. He educates and serves with a sincere heart. I have learned so much from him sharing his knowledge and experience. Thank you sir for all you do!

Bruce Hill

Tim made looking at my federal retirement easy to understand! He was very helpful and answered all my questions!

Traci Westberg

Just a great guy to talk to about retirement. Explains everything very well.

Linda B.

Very informative information about federal employee retirement--very quick and not obtrusive--highly recommend.

Diane G.

Questions I help solve all the time!

Why should I complete these exercises?

You Can’t Change What You Don’t Know. We can get excited about the idea of paying off debt fast. But if we don’t know what got us into debt in the first place, we are doomed to repeat the cycle again. The exercises are there to help you understand why you are in the financial position you are in and what resources you presently have available to help you eliminate your debt in 20% of the normal time it would take to pay them off!

Will I have less money if I'm not contributing to my 401K while eliminating my debt?

No. What’s even better is that it not only gives you more resources, but it also creates more opportunities and options for what to do with the extra money you’ll have. Oh, and by the way, you won’t have the debt either!

Will this plan work for me if I only have a few years left to work before I retire?

Absolutely! In fact, I have many clients who have had 5, 3, even 2 years left to work and we still created a plan for them to eliminate all their debt by the time they retired. (Listen to one of the videos added on the website to get a glimpse of what can happen for you)

Can I still accomplish the goal of paying off all the debt even if I don't use all Four Legs of Balance?

Yes. Just remember, if you want to eliminate your debt in 20% of the time, you have to consider using all Four Legs to your advantage. There are a few examples in The Workbook that show what happens when people only use a few Legs.

What if I get sidetracked. Can I start again?

You sure can! And to be honest, we all get a little sidetracked every once in a while. No worries. I am here to help you stay the course. Remember, this is a journey, not a weekend vacation. The more you appreciate what you will learn about yourself, the better opportunity you’ll have in not only erupting your debt but creating a mindset that will set you up financially for life!

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