Erupt Your Debt Program

$59.00 / month

The Erupt Your Debt Program is a month to month-based initiative where together we will work to create your Four Legs of Balance that will explode your debt in 20% of the time. Once the debt is paid, we will focus on building wealth that will last a lifetime.

You Will Receive:

  • Two 60-minute One on One consultations to effectively establish your behavior in spending and create a plan using the Four Legs of Balance.
  • Four exercises to accurately create each Leg of Balance.
  • 60 Minute session on how to personally use each Leg of Balance effectively in erupting all debt.
  • Two 30-minute sessions on saving and building wealth for retirement.
  • Monthly group sessions to maintain focus and accountability while erupting your debt.
  • Monthly informational emails to help you maintain focus and accountability while eliminating debt.
  • Social Media Group access.
  • Monthly Emails and Texts with ideas on how to maintain contentment while eliminating debt.
  • Quarterly Legs of Balance Check In.



The Erupt Your Debt Program is a month to month based initiative where together we will work to develop a system of accountability for you and your money. For the first few months we will communicate either by phone, text or email to establish your Four Legs of Balance. This will include exercises to formulate a complete breakdown of your spending habits and overall attitude with money. From this, you will be shown how to eliminate your debt in 20% of the time, with money you already have. Each month you will have the opportunity to receive feedback by email as you email your challenges, questions, joys and setbacks to help you stay the course. The focus of the program is for you to become aware of your behaviors and how to properly use the Four Legs of Balance Concept, used in the book, to your financial advantage. You will also be encouraged to participate in a group conference call with others who like you are working to eliminate debt. Each participant will be able to ask questions via email, and have them answered live on the call. When you recognize that you are not alone when wrestling with the mental and emotional highs and lows that go with working to become debt free, it makes the process easier to manage. In the end, you will develop clear goals and strategies on how to eradicate your debt based on how you use money, without having life’s distractions thwart your focus in erupting your debt for good.

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